Degree Overview

​The AIA BA (Hons) in Accountancy is an international accountancy degree programme, certified by AIA and Unisel. In three years you will achieve a Bachelor of Accountancy degree and also the AIA Professional Accountancy Qualification. There will be no other additional or external examinations.

You will be eligible to apply for government and Mara loans, subject to the standard terms and conditions.


This course will be taught at the Unisel campuses in Malaysia, and offers you unique additional opportunities to enhance your educational experience, with an option to study at a UK university, and also to gain practical work experience in the UK. Click here for a summary of the other benefits.


By choosing the AIA BA (Hons) in Accountancy course you will gain an international accountancy qualification of the highest standard, which will significantly increase your job prospects in Malaysia, with multinational companies, and should you wish to work for companies internationally.


After you qualify, if you wish you will have an opportunity to further your studies with a Masters’ degree at a selected top UK university.


In addition to the excellent facilities and support provided by Unisel, you will also have access to the resources and services of AIA, a global professional accountancy body with a worldwide network of members.


The AIA Professional Accountancy Qualification will be achieved by you, after you have completed three years' work experience;  which can be gained before, during or after your study on this degree course.

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