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Association of International Accountants

Founded in the UK in 1928, the Association of International Accountants (AIA) is a global professional body for accountants. We aim to create world class accountants; through offering high-standard, relevant and innovative qualifications, and providing first-class services for our members.

AIA is a Recognised Qualifying Body for statutory auditors under the UK Companies Act 2006, a Prescribed Body under the Companies (Auditing and Accounting) Act 2003 in the Republic of Ireland, and is recognised by the Commonwealth as an Accredited Organisation. The AIA Professional Qualification is recognised in over 30 countries worldwide.

AIA’s commitment to providing innovative qualifications is reflected in our national variant exam papers and Islamic accounting and banking exam. AIA is also an Ofqual Awarding Body in the UK, and offers three qualifications on the RQF - the Level 5 Certificate in Accountancy, Level 6 Diploma in Accountancy and Level 7 Diploma in Professional Accountancy.

For more information on AIA, please visit www.aiaworldwide.com.

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